DNA Partners is a commercial agency founded by Alice Breed that proudly represents a select number of brands who share core values surrounding sustainability, craftsmanship and the significance of inspirational people.

Alice is a Business Consultant in the contemporary interiors sector with over 20 years of experience. Over the years she has advised trade bodies and media companies, as well as worked in-house with manufacturers and B2B design event organisers, providing her with a unique knowledge and experience of how the industry works.

As an agency DNA Partners utilises this reliable reputation and connects manufacturers of contemporary design products and their creative team with their users. These range from interior designers and architects, design-savvy consumers, and the larger retail network. Together with her colleagues at DNA Partners Alice thrives on bringing people together across the industry to create projects and forge new relationships, with the ability to nurture these far beyond the completion of any project.

“Over the past 12 years the DNA of the agency has always stayed the same, however, the direction has become much clearer over time. It’s important that the brands I partner with focus on people, design, ethical processes, and most importantly have traceable sustainability policies. Products have to be made well, last a long time and use as little resources as possible because we cannot continue to fill the world with damaging products anymore.”

- Alice Breed, Founder -

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