Hosted by DNA Partners & Umbrella Furniture

In early Spring 2023 we invited Architects and Designers to join us at a series of unique Sensory Workshops with our partners Fora Form & Ragnars and perfumer Jessica Hannan from Apotheke. Guests were given a chance to learn about scents in public spaces, the history of how scent has evolved in hospitality and workplaces, and how it can be used to enhance the experience of your designs. There was also an opportunity to view and learn more about the installation at Umbrella by Fora Form and Ragnars.


“At Fora Form and Ragnars we prioritise multiple senses as part of our product design. Our designs work with all elements of the environment to enhance your space and create more productive outcomes for people. We hope our guests will enjoy this experience in olfactory exploration.”

Pål Eid-Hviding | Head of Marketing at Fora Form


Fora Form are Scandinavia's largest furniture manufacturers for meeting spaces and office environments. Since their beginning 93 years ago, Fora Form have manufacturered many design classics from Norway's past, but also nuture and support contemporary Norwegian designers whilst celebrating the design stars of tomorrow. They pride themselves on their environmental accountability and every product comes with an EPD. They are also proud holders of Nordic Swan Eco-label
certification and quality assurance certification Mobelfaktor ISO9OO1 and 14001. In line with their Nordic values of egalitarianism and fairness, they ofcourse comply with ISO45OOI but go beyond that with exemplary working conditions offered to every employee. Every piece is designed to improve communication and support well-being while protecting their producers and the planet. Fora Form is currently part of the Llamhults Design Group.

Ragnars are Sweden's premium task desk and office storage design company, combining elegance with ergonomics. The are proud to be able to offerfully customisable products which are made entirely in their proprietary workshop based in the heart of the Swedish countryside. Also part of the Llamhult Design Group, Ragnars is still a family company at heart with founder Johan Ragnar providing the creative vision. Many of Ragnars products are co-creations with some of Sweden's most well-known architects and designers, and they strive to create furniture that contributes to a natural, healthy and humane work environment. They are also proud holders of the Nordic Swan certification, ISO and on their way to receiving EPD certification.


If you or your team are interested in exploring our Sensory Workshop experience, please get in touch on the email below. We would be delighted to hear from you and to inspire your next team-building or training event.

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