Astep is a family business and one which puts social responsibility at the core of everything that it does. It is about to receive B-Corporation certification. The company is built on the principle of heritage. Founded by Alessandro Sarfatti, it has access to the archives of Gino Sarfatti (Alessandro’s Grandfather), Vittoriano Vigano and other great 20th century designers. Its innovation is largely driven by investing in new technologies and updating 20th century design classics to make them fit for the 21st century. All of this whilst putting sustainability high on the agenda - making products that will last, are repairable and leave as little trace as
possible on the planet. Astep's products have a timeless aesthetic eschewing any idea of fast fashion or mass production.

"We must work in all directions, and in each one find a small amount of innovation" – my father used to say this, and he was right; because as long as we move forward, towards something that’s more meaningful, more respectful and more relevant – each step is as valuable as the other, deserving the same consideration and respect.” - Alessandro Sarfatti